11th International Taikai, 2017

Letter of Invitation (PDF document)

Taikai Schedule (Click for detailed schedule (PDF)):

07/21 (Friday): Referee Meeting, Welcome Party (Agora Regency Royal Hall)
07/22 (Saturday): Dan Testing, Seminars
07/23 (Sunday): Opening Ceremony, Tournament, Farewell Party (Agora Regency Royal Hall)
07/24 (Monday): Kyoto Fushimi Inari (tentative) Day Trip (Gather at Entrance of Agora Regency Hotel)

Hotels (Click for Application Form and Details (Word document)):

Agora Regency Sakai Hotel (Click link for special rate)
Single Room (1 person): 15,100 yen (per night)
Twin Room (2 persons): 12,100 yen / person (per night)
Twin Room + Extra Bed (3 persons): 9,600 yen / person (per night)
APA Hotel Sakai (Click link for hotel website; use form above to book)
Single Room (1 person): 9,000 yen (per night)
Twin Room (2 persons): 8,000 yen / person (per night)

Taikai Registration (Shihan: Click for Application Form (Excel document)):

Parties and Day Trip Costs & Information (PDF)
Individual Tournament Registration Form (Excel)
Tournament Divisions (PDF)
Tournament Kata List (PDF)
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