Syllabus - English (PDF document)

Syllabus - Japanese (PDF document)

Seminar Booklet (23/07/22) - English (PDF document)

Seminar Booklet (23/07/22) - Japanese (PDF document)


  1. Hand and Foot Weapons
    1. Seiken Knuckle (fore)fist
    2. Dai Ken To Large knuckles of hand
    3. Sho Ken To Second knuckles of hand
    4. Kentsui Hammer fist
    5. Uraken Backfist
    6. Nukite Spearhand
    7. Shuto Sword (knife) hand
    8. Shotei Palm heel
    9. Ippon Ken One knuckle (one point) fist
    10. Shuho Mountain hand (back two knuckles of a peaked hand)
    11. Urashuto Inverted sword hand (ridge hand)
    12. Yubi Hasami Thumb and forefinger scissors
    13. Hira Basami Full hand scissors
    14. Kote Back of hand/forearm
    15. Koken Wrist
    16. Hiji Elbow
    17. Hiza Knee
    18. Koshu Back of heel
    19. Soko Instep
    20. Josokute Ball of foot
    21. Kasokute Heel
    22. Sokuto Outer edge of foot

  2. Stances
    1. Heisoku Dachi Feet together, closed-toed stance
    2. Musubi Dachi Feet together, open-toed stance
    3. Namiheiko Dachi Parallel stance
    4. Uchihachiji Dachi Inner figure eight stance
    5. Sotohachiji Dachi Outer figure eight stance
    6. Shiko Dachi Sumo (side facing, square) stance
    7. Heiko Dachi Forward parallel stance
    8. Zenkutsu Dachi Forward (bent leg) stance
    9. Kokutsu Dachi Backward (bent leg) stance
    10. Nekoashi Dachi Cat feet stance
    11. Renoji Dachi Tilted 'V' (standing cat) stance
    12. Kosa Dachi Crossed leg stance

  3. Thrusting Techniques
    1. Seiken Tsuki Forefist Thrust
    2. Tateken Tsuki Vertical forefist thrust
    3. Uraken Tsuki Inverted forefist thrust
    4. Hiraken Tsuki Four knuckle thrust (leopard punch)
    5. Morote Tsuki Two arm (two level) thrust
    6. Age Tsuki Rising thrust
    7. Furi Tsuki Roundhouse thrust
    8. Wa Tsuki Two arm, horizontal circle thrust
    9. Ipponken One knuckle thrust
    10. Nukite Spear hand

  4. Striking Techniques
    1. Shuto Uchi Sword hand (knife edge) strike
    2. Kentsui Uchi Bottom fist (hammer fist) strike
    3. Uraken Uchi Back knuckle strike
    4. Urashuto Inverted sword hand (ridge hand)
    5. Shuho Mountain hand (back knuckles of a peaked hand
    6. Hijiate Elbow smash

  5. Foot/Leg Techniques
    1. Soko Geri Instep kick
    2. Chudan Geri Middle level kick (ball of foot forward)
    3. Jodan Geri Upper level kick (ball of foot forward)
    4. Hiza Geri Knee kick
    5. Fumioroshi Toe stomping kick
    6. Sokuto Geri Knife edge (of the foot) kick
    7. Yoko Geri Side kick
    8. Mawashi Geri Roundhouse kick
    9. Koshu Geri Heel back rising kick
    10. Hizagaeshi Knee sweeping across kick
    11. Josokute Ball of the foot
    12. Kasokute Heel

  6. Upper Level Blocking Techniques
    1. Age Uke Rising block
    2. Yoko Uchi Uke Forearm inward block
    3. Uchiotoshi (Inside) outward (circle) (forearm) drop block
    4. Yoko Barai Forearm outward side parry
    5. Wa Uke Two arm (circle) block
    6. Tsuki Uke Thrust block
    7. Kosa Uke